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"I love working with Pooja. She is patient, kind, loving and knowledgeable in helping me work through tough issues and gently nudging me into realisation to help me deal with life and business matters. Not an easy path by any means, you have to do the work."

~ Bonnie Williams, Business Owner, Golden Mouse Accounting

"Pooja is well organised, highly focused, diligent, and can add to any team she is part of. All these attributes were critical when trying to make connections and build positive long term relationship with clients. She understands the market fit and is able to choose the right path quickly to achieve optimal resolution. Her energy to make things happen was contagious and it was critical to team bonding. It was an absolute pleasure to work with Pooja."

~ Janice Lei, Agile / Project Delivery / Business Process Improvement / Human Centered Design

"It is interesting to analyse how unaware we are of our unhelpful thoughts and remember how important the 'now' is."

~ Lucy Melican, Physiotherapist and Lymphoedema Specialist

"Reasons that lead to procrastination and the power of now!! It is amazing how you can change your destiny majorly by making small changes in the way you go about handling your present!"

~ the participant wished to remain anonymous

"I have gained an awareness around how we spend 90% of our thoughts living in the past which we have no control over. My aim would be to move forward and shift my mindset to the future, which I can control by taking action now."

~ Ajay Kathpal, Founder and Director at A4 Finance Group


Melbourne, Australia.