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At ReAline You, we help those who want to improve their relationship with themselves. We are all hard wired to take ourselves too seriously and fail to forgive ourselves. This tendency translates into the relationships we have with the others, be it among our peers, our partners, our children or our work colleagues. While we mainly aim to work with women and young adults we can work with corporate teams too.

In today's world young adults are presented with a huge number of choices to better their lives. To top it all, the world is constantly telling them what is the right way to be, to talk and walk, what to wear and myriad of instructions that are usually adding to their stress. All of this can cause immense issues with maintaining focus. It is easy to forget who you really are and start holding yourself to unreasonable standards.

Most women live their lives defining themselves by the roles they play in their lives. Most times, when asked, "who are you?" they find themselves stumped and the only answer they might have is "I am a mum, I am wife to so and so, I am a sister" and so on. Very rarely can they really say with pride what really defines them and the reason for that is, they have pushed it so far in to receptacle of their conscience that they cannot even find what their dreams and aspirations were as a little girl.

As a coach, my aim is to help women, young adults and professionals who are in the stage of their lives where they want to move forward and achieve their goals and dreams but are finding it hard to take the next step. Their debilitating beliefs about themselves are holding them back. I want to help them take a leap of faith in themselves and learn to love themselves again.

I use scientifically proven coaching techniques which empower my clients to take the actions required in personal and professional life that will take them closer to the vision that they have for themselves. My methods will help anyone who chooses to take the next step. These programs are known to improve the quality of lives by at least 10% - 20%.

"One day you will wake up and there won't be any more time to do the things you have always wanted to do. Do it now."

- Paulo Coelho


Melbourne, Australia.